Tom Igoe


Most of these clocks have developed in discussions with a group of colleagues with whom I share an interest in timepieces. We have a collection of resources and construction methods for clocks online in the clock club repository. Most are still works-in-progress, and I hope to develop more final versions of them when conditions permit more fabrication shop use.

2018        Igoe, T., Jeff Feddersen and Ben Light, _Clock Club: Resources for Beginning Timepiece Design _workshop presentation for Time, Temporality, and Slowness: Future Directions for Design Research workshop at DIS 2018, Hong Kong SAR.

quarantine clock Quarantine Clock (2020) - a clock for a pandemic quarantine

What-not-to-do clock What-not-to-do Clock (2019) - a tabletop clock built as a study in tangible interaction design.

spotlight sun clock Spotlight Sun Clock (2017) - a moving spotlight tracking the sun’s movement across a public indoor space.

birthday clock Birthday Clock (2017) - a custom-fabricated clock face mounted in an antique electrical meter case.

hourglass clock Hourglass (2016, 2018) - a wall sconce that drains displays minutes and seconds in light.

email clock Email Clock (2002, 2005) - a clock that moves forward one kilobyte of email at a time. Details on version 1 and version 2 are available.

Clock software animations

A series of software sketches done in p5.js to try out clock face and hands ideas.

Clock 001 Clock001 - a minimal clock animation to use as a basis for further ideas.

Sun-Moon clock Sun-moon Clock - a clock that displays the position of the sun and moon at the current time relative to your location.

Decimal clock Decimal Clock - a model of the French Revolutionary era decimal clock, which has 10 hours to the day, 100 minutes to the hour, and 100 seconds to the minute.

Color clock Color Clock - an attempt to tell time using color.


A photo of a wall-mounted rotary phone Sputnik Telephone (2020) - a rotary telephone converted to control the brightness of a Sputnik-style chandelier.

Anti-dot lamp Anti-Dot Lamp (2019) - A table lamp with a computer-generated shade.

wedding candles Wedding Candles (2015) - a set of artificial candles which are networked to react as a group.

Early Work

Eos Pods Eos Pods (2003) - A banquet orchestral performance involving networked table centerpieces.

Networked Piano Networked Piano (2001-2003) - A piano that I attempted to connect to the internet to sonify network traffic. It turns out that it’s harder than it sounds.