Tom Igoe

I publish things sporadically on my blog, mostly as notes for classes or ideas for myself to explore further, or notes from talks. Here are a few posts that have seen more frequent readership:

What do the people do? Published 5 September 2018. A loose collection of principles for physical interaction, pulled together from various talks I’ve given in the past.

Best Practices for Connected Devices Published 23 January 2018. Factors to consider when designing a connected device.

Modularity, Openness, and Glass-Box Enclosure Published 30 June 2015. Thoughts on software and hardware design.

Making Interactive Art: Set the Stage, Then Shut Up and Listen Published 21 August 2012. Thinking about interactive design from what the participant experiences, rather than what the designer wants them to think.

Just like Riding a Bike Published 30 July 2009. Why I think “intuition” is a misleading term for interaction designers to use.

Idle speculation on the shan zhai and open fabrication Published 4 September 2009. Thoughts after my first visit to Shenzhen and conversations with David Lee and Bunnie Huang.

Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits (and misses) Published 27 July 2008. A list of some project patterns that come up frequently in physical computing classes.