Tom Igoe

A pair of artificial candles set on a table with two glasses of wine

Wedding Candles

These are a set of thirty artificial candles which are networked to react as a group. The candles were placed on tables at my wedding. Normally they emitted a warm candle glow with a slow flicker effect.When any of them was touched, it flared white, and sent a radio signal to the other candles, causing them to flare up as well.

I have since used them at other events as well, including the ITP 40th anniversary party. Click on the images to see greater detail.

System diagram of the wedding candles Each candle contains a WiFi-connected microcontroller, a set of addressable RGB LEDs, and a touch sensor in the metal base of the candle. A string of lights around the perimeter of the event was connected as well, so that the touch on any candle caused a lighting ripple through the entire event.