Tom Igoe

I have taught full-time at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU since 2001.

Current Courses at NYU

Introduction to Physical Computing

(2001 - Present)
Core course in physical interface design and development, required for all students.

Understanding Networks

(2009 - Present)
A seminar/workshop which provides students with a broad introduction to network infrastructures, from the internet to other telecommunications networks to the worldwide power grid. The class examines the technical, social, political, and business dynamics of networks, and, where appropriate, gives students a hands-on introduction to networking techniques.

Lighting and Interactivity

(2017, 2019, 2020)
A workshop that introduces students to the principles of light production and design, and its use in interactive systems.

Tangible Interaction

(2016 - Present)
A workshop that introduces students to the concepts of tangible interface design through a series of short production assignments, producing everyday devices: game controllers, lighting controllers, sound controllers, and similar devices with tangible controls.

Connected Devices and Networked Interaction

(2014 - Present)
A workshop that introduces students to the design and technical challenges of developing networked devices and products and services.

Past Courses

Future Scenarios and Systems Thinking

A class in scenario development, grounded in research about the present and the past. Co-taught by Despina Papadoupolos, and based partially on a previous ITP class, Future of the Infrastructure, taught by Art Kleiner.

Disruption and the Maker Movement

A seminar to to examine the potential size and impact of the maker movement and to consider the unexamined consequences of it.

Wildlife Observation Tools

(2010 - 2012)
A workshop in which students learn about technologies and methods primatologists use their field research, and develop new tools to improve the work in the field.

Project Development Studio (Physical Interaction)

(2006, 2008)
A studio course in which students develop one project involving physical interaction between people and devices over the course of the semester.

Sustainable Practices

(2006 - 2007)
A seminar in which students survey the environmental impact of the practice of interaction design, and develop projects to lessen the negative impacts.

Sensor Workshop

(2005 - 2006)
A workshop introducing students to a range of sensor technologies and how they are interfaced with computer systems.

Networked Objects

(2002 - 2008)
A workshop covering the basics of computer networking, and the development of physical interfaces for networked systems.

Sculpting with Data

(2001 - 2002)
A workshop in mechanical and sculptural representation of dynamic data.