A collection of various projects: stage lighting & video design, interactive installations, and some things for which I don't have pigeonholes.
Email Clock Networked sculpture. A clock that reads email.
Virtual Dimensions Live video performance with Vernon Reid (guitar), DJ Logic (turntables) and Mike Wimberly (percussion). Performed at Riverside Church Theatre, New York City.
Jell-o Video Interactive video art and balloon installation. For opening party of Outsider Video Productions, New York City.
Networked Piano A mechanized piano connected to the internet. The piano will represent network traffic patterns and activities as music.

This project is still in progress.

Bovine Fetch A cow for cow Parade New York 2000. Collaboration with Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Rania Ho, Marianne Igoe, M.R. Petit, and Midori Yasuda.
Evita Projection design for New York City Technical College production. One of the first two US productions using Dataton’s Watchout software.
Empire State Building Flash-A-Thon Site-specific event involving wireless web connection to remote camera and 60 photographers on the Empire State Building. Photographers did "the wave" with flash cameras. Second version used a net-connected cell phone to activate a remote camera.
The Eye Thing Interactive video installation. Thinking about a body-scale computing environment.
Silhouettes This installation is based on the silhouette of the body as a container for images of memory, identity, and the world we create.

The installation was my thesis project for graduation from ITP.

The Leak Interactive sculpture of sound, laboratory pyrex, and water.
(collaboration with Romy Achituv)
Interactive video & sound Installation. A collaboration with Romy Achituv. A space in which image and memory are linked to breathing.

Presented at ITP/NYU, and at the gallery at Interval Research Corporation, Palo Alto.

Neighborhood Web
Research assistant to Nick West
Research assistant for Neighborhood Web project, investigating geographic indexing of and mobile access to web-based information.

Research included investigation of available database and geographic information system (GIS) applications and related database tools, geographic positioning system (GPS) receivers and protocols, and handheld computers.

Max Fish Collaborated on design of site architecture and production for web site for Max Fish, a local bar. Executed implementation of video frame grab and realAudio of live events from bar, and live realAudio connection to the bar's jukebox.
Cyberfoo: First Night in Cyberspace Coordinator for Boston location of Cyberfoo: First Night in Cyberspace 1994, a multi-city link of new year's eve celebrations using various net-based tools. Executed in collaboration with the WELL, Echo Communications, First Night Boston, New York, San Francisco, and others. Assisted on New York event for second year, 1995.