AIDS: A LIving Archive

AIDS: A Living Archive is an installation chronicling the evolution of the AIDS crisis and its effect on medical research, public policy, and the communities affected by the crisis. The exhibit includes documentation from all aspects of the history of AIDS: photos, documents, paraphenalia, personal effects, and testimonials.

Interactive elements include a slideshow of photos and images from the people and events that have shaped and been shaped by the AIDS crisis, and the portrait gallery, a collection of video portraits of activists, researchers, leaders, and families.

The portrait gallery includes the voices of the many populations that have been affected by the AIDS pandemic. Each individual is represented by a candle in the gallery. Visitors may view video statements from any individual by pressing the button in front of that individual's candle.

AIDS: A Living Archive is curated by Jean Carlomusto and Jane Rosett.

Interactive video system programming: Jeff Morey

Electronics: Jaime Villarreal

Interaction design: Tom Igoe