Tech Details

The piece runs on a Macintosh G3 in Macromedia Director using a video tracking Xtra written by Danny Rozin. A camera with infrared filter is trained on the projection screen, capturing the image of viewers moving in front of or behind the screen.

On the side of the screen opposite the camera, an infrared spotlight is used to silhouette the viewer on the screen. The infrared filter filters out the projected image from an LCD projector, placed just above the camera. Although exact duplication of the original lighting is not critical, it is necessary that the space be evenly lit, and not too dark.

The camera, projector, and spotlight are suspended from the ceiling at approximately 7 to 8 feet. The screen is suspended on two aircraft cables, attached floor to ceiling. Viewers can circulate around the screen on both sides. On the camera/projectore side, the swarm of eyes filling their silhouettes is partly occluded by their shadows; on the IR spotlight side, it is not.

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