Eye Head The Eye Thing is my attempt to illustrate an idea that's been in my head for awhile: how would a body-scale computing environment work?

The principles, of such a system are these: first, the system should be able to perceive my entire body and the space that I move through. And second, that the system sensing the space I move through doesnŐt have to be monolithic. In other words lots of processors can be sensing lots of things, sensing different subsets of the environment and relating that information to each other to make the whole system.

The Eye Thing is an attempt to embody this idea in an illustration that people can take in through their senses rather than their intellect.

A rear projection screen is suspended by aircraft cable floor-to-ceiling in the center of the space. As the viewer moves on either side of the screen, his silhouette on the screen is filled with a swarm of eyes staring back at him. The eyes move with the viewer, adjusting to his silhouette as he moves, in real time.

This piece is an extension of much of the video tracking experiments being done at ITP, and the third of my own works with video tracking.

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