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Email Clock

The Siteplayer's configuration for the email clock is very simple, because all it's really doing is passing data through the serial port. I added the pointers to the IP address registers so that I could display the unit's IP address in the index.html file.
;$devicename sets the name or description of the device
 $devicename "Email clock"
;$DHCP on tells SitePlayer to find its IP address from a DHCP server
 $DHCP off
;$DownloadPassword sets password for downloading web pages
 $DownloadPassword "password"
;$SitePassword sets password for browsing web pages
 $SitePassword "otherpass"
;$InitialIP sets SitePlayer's IP address to use
 $InitialIP "" 
 ;$Sitefile sets the binary image filename that will be created
 $sitefile "C:\path\to\clock.spb"

;$Sitepath sets the root path of the web pages for this project
 $sitepath "C:\path\to\site_root"

;$Include sets the name of a file to include during make process
 $Include "C:\Program Files\SitePlayer\"

org 0FF1Ah
baudrate dw 65015		; set baud rate to 9600

org FFE6h ; the IP address of this siteplayer

myip1 ds 1
myip2 ds 1
myip3 ds 1
myip4 ds 1