Proposal 1: The New York CowBorg

Thanks to recent genetic and cybernetic developments, the business of industrial animal husbandry has been taken to new levels. Cloning, genetic manipulation, and electronic augmentation allow for more efficient bovine production than ever before. The way has been paved for the Bionic Cheeseburger.

In celebration of these technological marvels, we would like to build for Cow Parade NYC 2000 the CowBorg, a cybernetically enhanced interactive cow. (While this cow should ideally incorporate genetic enhancement as well, the Fiberglass Genome Project is not yet far enough along to allow incorporation into this project.)

This being a New York City CowBorg, it will not be concerned with all that bucolic nonsense like eating grass, being nice to farmers, or getting cut up into meat. This CowBorg will react to visitors in proper New York style. It will respond to its environment with audio (verbal) feedback, addressing the world at large in a typical New York accent. You got a problem with that?

The CowBorg will be wired with various environmental sensors to react to viewers' touch, and possibly viewers' movement and sound as well, environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, light and dark. Of course, being a well-connected New York CowBorg, it will have a cell phone and pager. If a sponsor could be found to provide pager or cell service to the cow, we will incorporate those technologies into the cow's interaction. If this is not possible, these pieces will be decorative only (and far less fun). The CowBorg will also have luminescent spots, activated by the viewer.

Ideally the CowBorg would run on an AC electrical connection. However, if this is not possible, it could be built to run on battery power, or even (possibly) solar power. If it is to run on battery or solar power, it would be best to locate the cow in the vicinity of the Interactive Telecommnuncations Program at NYU, 721 Broadway, so that we could see to periodic care and electrical feeding of the CowBorg.


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