Consulting & Programming

Eos Orchestra Designed and developed a series of networked musical instruments to be played by attendees at the orchestra's annual benefit banquet. Attendees were conducted by the orchestra's artistic director, Jonathan Scheffer, in a live performance of Terry Riley's "In C". Pods were developed in collaboration with Eric Singer of LEMUR, and David Bianciardi of Audio Video & Controls.
Gay Men's Health Crisis Interaction design and production management for two interactive elements of AIDS: A Living Archive, an exhibit which chronicles the history of AIDS and AIDS activism in New York City. Exhibit on display at the Museum of the City of New York, May - Sept. 2001.
EAR Studio/Diller + Scofidio Architects Responsible for new technology research and evaluation and technology direction for interactive experience inside the Blur pavilion, which Diller + Scofidio designed in conjunction with EAR Studio for the Swiss National Expo in 2002.

Pavilion is a 300 x 100 ft. structure on a lake, enshrouded in an artificial cloud. Exhibit consists of architectural LED signs and 600 visitor raincoats that change color in response to each other and to the LED signs.

EAR Studio   Programming and consulting for EAR Studio on interaction design and display design on various museum projects, including New York City Police Museum, Princeton University Children's Library, and Diller + Scofidio's proposed media project for the Moscone Convention center in San Francisco.
Luvbuzz Consulted on and implemented database-driven display system for Luvbuzz cocktail lounge and date-matching service, specified and installed hardware for day-to-day database operations, coordinated with database developers, and implemented architectural wall displays for images in database. Also designed and implemented an interactive video projection/installation to complement design of space for opening night.
Halsell New Media / Corporation for Public Broadcasting Collaborated on interaction design and programmed prototype for DVD/DVD-ROM The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords. This hybrid DVD/DVD-ROM was intended as a prototype for a possible digital television interface for CPB.
American Museum of the Moving Image Consulting on hardware and software upgrades of various AMMI interactive exhibits. Work includes collaborating with museum and programmer on software performance and administrator interface improvements and recommending and implementing hardware and networking improvements to exhibits, and coordination of all elements into final implementation.
Glyph Media/C.B.Cooke Physical interaction programming for "12, 28, 37", a video installation by artist C.B. Cooke at the Alternative Museum, New York City. Installation consisted of three video screens activated by a Smith & Wesson revolver.