young girl in crowd "Breath" was produced using Director 5.0, with extensions written by Danny Rozin and Geoff Smith. It runs on a Power Macintosh 8500/150 or better, with stereo sound in, video in, and video out capabilities.

The user's motion is captured using a videocamera capable of reading infrared light, placed behind the projection screen, pointed at the viewer. An infrared sensor of custom design is built into the gas mask.

Sound is mixed on a Yamaha ProMix 1, using a wireless microphone built into the mask. The viewer's breath (and any other sound they make in the mask) is compressed, pitch-shifted down 12 octaves, and an echo is added. Processed audio from the mixer is heard in the installation space. Unprocessed audio is passed from the mixer to the Macintosh for tracking purposes. 2 men
2 older men

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