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First, it's worth mentioning that there are more PIC resource sites on the net than you can shake a PIC at. So in addition to these links, search Google for PIC, or PIC + basic if you don't find useful info here.

Most of my notes are for the flash pics using PicBasic Pro from Microengineering Labs, but some are for C or assembler.

The obvious PIC link:

All my PicBasic Pro code examples can be found on my code blog. What follows are more lengthy introductions to basic topics.

My PIC notes:

PIC books

There are tons of PIC books. These are just a few that I have or know are good.


    Experimenting with the PicBasic Pro Compiler Les Johnson, ©2000, Crownhill Associates. ISBN 1-903719-00-3
    Examples of many common PIC projects in PBPro. Available online through MELabs and Crownhill Associates.

    Robots, Androids, and Animatrons, second edition John Iovine. ©2001, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0071376836
    The first edition used the BASIC stamp, this edition used the PIC, and has much more to it: neural nets, fuzzy logic, robot building, and more. An excellent update.

    Pic Microcontroller Project Book John Iovine. ©2000, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0071354794
    Though it's on picBasic, not picBasic Pro, it's a good introduction to the PIC, with some example projects.

  • PIC BASIC An Introduction Eric Edwards and Neil (Jasper) Roberts ©2001, Crownhill Associates. An introductory book on the PIC using PBPro. Available online through MELabs and Crownhill Associates.


    Programming and Customizing PicMicro Microcontrollers Myke Predko. ©2000 McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0071361723
    An exhaustive guide to programming the PIC in C.

    Easy PIC'n - A Beginner's Guide to Using PIC16/17 Microcontrollers David Benson.©1999, Square One Electronics; ISBN: 0965416208
    An intro to programming the PIC in assembler.

    PIC'n Up The Pace - PIC16/17 Microcontroller Applications Guide David Benson.©1999,Square One Electronics; ISBN: 0965416216
    Follow up to easy Pic'n, example applications in assembler.

    Serial PIC'n Roger Stevens.©1999, Square 1 Electronics.ISBN: 0965416224.
    Deals with serial communications thoroughly and at a low-level. Not for beginners, but very thorough.

    TCP/IP Lean: Web servers for Embedded Systems Jeremy Bentham. ©2000,CMP Books; ISBN: 1929629117
    If you thought his panopticon stuff was deep, try this. Not for the technically faint of heart, but if you want to write your own TCP/IP stack on a PIC, and have time, this is the book for you.

PicBasic Pro sites:
Other PIC sites:

Philips USB translator for PIC